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Eyebrows Tweezing Tips

Razor Or Blade

Razors can nick, making eyebrow grooming risky. Since you're not removing the hair from the follicles, it will grow back coarser.

It may also be inaccurate, resulting in inconsistent hair lengths, shapes, and gaps. Tweezers or professional waxing or threading are better than blades.

Dull Tweezers

Did you know that metal tweezers wear out, and the surface that captures the hair loses elasticity and accuracy, resulting in poor results?

Picking Tweezers

As before, choose sharp, slanted tweezers. Pointed ones can snap off hairs, causing painful ingrowns or spotty results.


Tweeze sparingly. Avoid it! Know your brow thickness to know how much is too much. It's apparent.

Don't Finish One Brow Before Starting Another

You'll thank me! It's easy to lose track of which hairs you're removing from which section of the brow when shaping the whole thing.

Avoid Short Haircuts

Short hair can stick up, which looks dreadful. Use a spoolie or eyebrow brush to lightly brush your brow hairs before trimming any stray hairs with scissors.

Reduce Redness

To reduce redness and inflammation, gently pat aloe vera gel or cortisone cream after tweezing.

Ice Cubes Reduce Pain

Before and after tweezing, rub an ice cube on your eyebrow to relieve pain. An ice cube relieves tweezing pain.

Fill the Gaps

If you have sparse regions, use an eyebrow pencil two shades lighter than your brow color to create attractive eyebrows. They're naturally full. Warm colors!

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