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Eye Makeup Tips

1. Apply eyeliner near to the lash line to make eyelashes appear thicker. It's tight-lining. Connect the dots using a stiff slant brush from the outside to the inner corner.

2. To acquire the right form, use a thin, blunt liner tip. Swipe your hand to dull a sharp pencil liner. Freeze eyeliner before sharpening to prevent crumbling.

3. Start at the pupil with a liquid liner to create the ideal cat eye or winged eyeliner. First line your eyes with a pencil liner then draw over it with liquid liner if your hand isn't stable enough.

4. Apply mascara from the roots and wiggle to the tips. This quickly volumizes and lightens your lashes.

5. Wait 10 seconds before adding a second layer of mascara. This prevents clumpy lashes!

6. Before applying, wipe excess mascara from the wand with a tissue so it doesn't clump.

7. Use a good eyelash curler before applying mascara. Pinch and rotate your eyelash curler to curl.

8. Mascara grip matters! For larger lashes, hold your wand horizontally, but vertically for natural-looking lower lashes. Stop pushing the wand while drawing it out to prevent drying out.

9. Use a dark eyeshadow at the lash line, a medium shade above that, and a light shade (perhaps with a shimmer) on top. Blend them nicely.

10. Finish your eye makeup first to avoid eyeshadow fallout spoiling your base. Keep lips modest if you apply bold eye makeup. Feature-by-feature is ideal.

11. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes with light makeup to make them seem younger.

12. Use a blow-dryer on your curler (not too hot) before curling obstinate lashes to rapidly curl them and keep them curled longer.

13. Blotting paper removes extra eyeshadow without disrupting the eyeliner.

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