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Eye Makeup For Wide Set Eyes

First, you should shape your eyebrows

Eyes look closer when the brows are thick. Close the space between your brows.

Both brows should be turned in a little bit. Use brow pomade to make lines that look like hair.

Put on an eyelid a neutral color

For perfect eye shaping, you have to put a neutral color on your eyelids all the way up to the outer corner and above the crease.

Use basic colors like light brown or Champaign on your eyelids.

Lower Line of Lash

Use a thin brush in the same color as the eyelid to paint a small line of color under each eye.

Inside of the eye corners

Use dark brown makeup in the inner corner of your eye and blend it out. Blend inward. It's the opposite of the norm. When you look at the inside corner, your eyes get smaller.

Make Your Eyes Stand Out

To draw attention to the eyes, use a color below the brow bone. Mix it with the color in the gap.

Line your Eyes

If you want your eyes to look closer together, put a very dark color in the inner corner of your eye and bring it all the way to the middle. Avoid wing-liner.

Use mascara

Mascara finishes the look and makes it last longer.

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