Expert Tips For Perfect Makeup On Hot Days

Invest in a small clip-on fan and fans for your makeup vanity area and start the fan up to 10 minutes before beginning your cosmetic applications.

Makeup should be applied in a cool environment

This simple maneuver circulates air in that location for comfort and better application. Makeup will apply more smoothly and won't slip.

Even in summer, you need a daily moisturizer under makeup. Apply a lightweight sunscreen-containing moisturizer before makeup on hot days.

Make your foundation

Or use a lightweight moisturizer with a sunscreen. Avoid thick, oily creams, which will affect your makeup. Water-based moisturizers are best for most individuals.

Primers are essential in hot weather. Summer makeup needs primer.It protects cosmetics from skin.

Make use of primer

Our experts all recommend liquid foundation on hot. Waterproof, lightweight liquid foundation is great for hot days.

Select a liquid foundation

Never use cream foundations. Use a thick foundation brush. Apply setting spray to a makeup sponge and tap to blend.

Dewy, blendable color cosmetics give you that glow. Blush, contour, and highlighter should be liquid tints or cream sticks. These match skin well.

Make use of liquid products

Tired of your makeup rubbing off? Heredia hacks: Use your favorite liquid matte lipstick as eyeshadow for all-day wear.

Try out this eyeshadow trick

Since lipstick may be used as blush, you can create a trendy monochromatic makeup look.

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