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Essential Supplies for Stunning Nail Art Designs

Nail Polish:

Colors of nail polish are essential for design. Colors should complement and complement your aesthetic.

Base Coat and Top Coat: 

These protect nails and extend the life of nail art. Top coats shine and protect the polish, while base layers smooth it out.

Nail Art Brushes: 

Purchase a nail art brush set. These brushes assist you in drawing lines, dots, and complex patterns.

Dotting Tools: 

Dotting tools come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for nail art dots and detailing. They do a good job with gradients and marble effects.

Striping Tape: 

Striping tape is a thin adhesive tape that is used on nails to create straight lines and geometric patterns. It allows for clean design.

Nail Stencils: 

If you can't paint freehand, stencils come in handy for intricate designs. They make it possible to create professional-looking nail art.

Nail Rhinestones and Studs: 

Nail art is enhanced with rhinestones, studs, and pearls. These embellishments can be applied with nail adhesive or wet polish.

Nail Stamping Kit: 

Complex designs are simplified with nail stamping kits. Typically, stamping plates, scrapers, and stampers are included.

Nail Polish Remover: 

Nail polish remover smoothes out flaws and cleans around the nails. Non-acetone formulations are gentler on the nails.

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