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Essential Makeup Tips for Beginners

Start with a clean canvas: 

Wash and moisturize your face before wearing makeup. This evens out and extends the wear of makeup.

Invest in quality tools: 

Good makeup brushes and sponges may completely transform your look. Begin with brushes for foundation, blush, and eyeshadow.

Match your foundation correctly: 

Test a foundation color on your jawline or wrist to see whether it looks good on your skin. Blend it thoroughly for a smooth finish.

Use primer: 

A cosmetic primer applied before foundation smoothes the face, minimizes pores, and extends the wear of makeup.

Blend, blend, blend: 

Blending is vital for applying foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow that looks natural. To avoid hard lines, softly blend makeup in circles.

Enhance your eyes: 

Begin with a neutral eyeshadow that complements your skin tone. Apply a light shade to the lid and a slightly darker shade to the crease.

Don't forget your eyebrows: 

Well-groomed brows frame your face and enhance your appearance. Brush brow pencil or powder into sparse areas with a spoolie brush.

Choose colors that suit you: 

 Cooler undertones complement blue or pink colors, whereas warmer undertones complement peach or golden colors.

Practice makes perfect: 

Experiment with various ways and goods to see which ones perform best. Watch videos for inspiration, but keep in mind that everyone's face is unique, so tailor your techniques accordingly.

Take care of your skin: 

Every day, apply sunscreen, moisturize, and cleanse your face. To avoid clogged pores and breakouts, remove your makeup before going to bed.

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