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Enchanting Egyptian Eye Makeup

What You Need

Golden base eyeshadow
Flat shading brush
Black kohl pencil
Neutral eyeshadow palette

Fluffy brush
Blue eyeshadow
False eyelashes

Step 1: Apply Base Eyeshadow

After priming your lids and undereyes, apply base eyeshadow. Apply a subdued gold colour to your lid and crease. A flat shading brush works best.

Step 2: Shape the Cut-Crease

Shape the cut-crease with a black kohl pencil. Draw a tiny line slightly above your natural crease line. Flip it up. Drag the inner corner toward your nose.

Step 3: Add Brown Shadow

After applying kohl, go over the line with a pencil brush and a soft brown matte eyeshadow. In this circumstance, mixing is the only option.

Step 4: Make a gradient

Black eyeshadow and a pencil brush blend the first two colors. This creates a gradation and removes harsh lines. To finish, mix this line with a clean fluffy brush.

Step 5: Make Your Brow Bone Stand Out

Put some highlighter on your brow bone, and then highlight it. Apply several coats of it until a noticeable golden gloss is produced.

Step 6: Blue Eyeshadow Livens It Up

Apply the eyeshadow in the shape of a 'V' on the outside corner of your eye using a blue hue. Mix everything together thoroughly.

Step 7: Performing The Wing

Draw a thin, somewhat elongated wing using liquid eyeliner. A card from the outer corner of the eye to the brow tail extends and sharpens liner.

Step 8: Apply Mascara and Falsies

Apply some mascara and then put on a pair of gorgeous false lashes if you want your natural lashes to seem even better.

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