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Emo Makeup

Emo makeup is still one of the most sought beauty trends. Emo makeup is popular among teens. What's Emo? Emocore is a kind of punk rock.

Emo Hairstyles

Hairstyles must match Emo makeup. Short to medium bob haircuts or medium-length hair should be smooth and straight.

For brown or blonde hair, it can be completely dark or colored pink, dark green, or crimson. Asymmetrical front bangs can be short or long and cover one or both eyes.

Emo Makeup: Base

Always apply makeup on clean skin. Wash and dry your face, then use a decent primer to retain your foundation base.

Conceal any stains and imperfections using a stick concealer. Apply and mix foundation.

Emo Makeup: Blush

Keep blush slightly pinker than skin tone for a gothic pale effect. Avoid bronzers and dark peachy blushes. Apply circularly on cheekbones, avoiding contours and hollows.

Emo Eye Makeup Tips

1. For a smoky, dramatic eye look, apply matte slate eye makeup to the lids and a little black shadow to the outside 1/3 corner.

2. Apply liner pencil to lash line. Form a two-way jacketed wing by extending both sides and corners.

3. For a Gothic effect, smear top lash black liner with a sponge applicator. Apply liquid liner over the pencil liner to smooth it out and finish with a dark line on the lower lash line.

Emo Lip Makeup

Hard punk makeup requires natural lips without black lipstick. Use a light pink or mauve lip liner and a nude or light pink gloss.

For a bolder effect, try black nail paint with your makeup. Winter hooded sweaters suit nicely with this unique appearance. Hope these emo makeup tips helped!

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