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Elegant Ways To Make A Good Impression

1. Talk in a manner that is soothing, leisurely, and kind.

2. Make an effort to improve your listening skills.

3. Don't make every conversation about you and just you.

4. Engage the speaker by asking questions and demonstrating real attention.

5. Keeping your shoes clean is a best practice that should be followed at all times.

6. The majority of garments look their finest when they have been recently washed and ironed.

7. It is often more appealing when other aspects of your appearance, such as your hair and nails, are also neat.

8. When having a conversation with someone, make sure to use his, her, or their name.

9. If there is a topic that you do not have a strong grasp on, do not discuss it.

10. If possible, sit upright and keep your spine neutral. When you hunch over, it can give the impression that you lack self-assurance.

11. If there is some kind of activity going on, you should make an effort to participate in it.

12. Do you wish to make a proclamation? Be truthful, but don't be afraid to be direct.

13. Don't forget the person's name, and introduce yourself properly the next time you see them.

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