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Effortless Nail Art with Chic Nail Decals

Prepare your nails: 

First, clean your nails. To provide a smooth surface for the decals, trim and buff your nails.

Choose your decals: 

Nail decals might be ornate or basic. Choose decals based on the event or style. You may personalize your look with different decal styles, sizes, and colors.

Apply a base color: 

A matching base color for your nail decals may boost their appearance. Choose a color to emphasize or conceal the decals. Allow the base color to dry before proceeding.

Apply the decals: 

Remove the nail decals from their backing with a tweezer or cuticle stick. Gently press the decal down to the tip, beginning at the cuticle.

Press the nail decal gently to remove wrinkles and air bubbles. Extra decals can be trimmed using nail files or small scissors.

Seal the decals:

To extend the life of your nail decals, apply a top coat. This protects the artwork while also shining your nails. Seal the edges of the decal to prevent it from lifting or peeling.

Finishing touches: 

When the top coat has dried, add accessories. Add rhinestones, studs, or glitter to your nail art. Top coat or glue these embellishments.


To extend the life of your nail decals, avoid doing chores without gloves or using your nails as tools. Apply a new top coat every few days to protect and brighten decals.

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