Eating Habit Jennifer Lopez Swears by


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revealed their 2022 Vegas elopement over the weekend.

People are going crazy over wedding details like the pair posing in Elvis' pink convertible and J. Lo changing her name to Jennifer Lynn Affleck.

But they also noticed how wonderful Jennifer looked in the white dress she's been preserving since she wore it in a former film.

The singer turns 53 on Sunday, July 24th, and many wonder how she looks better with age. While celebrity and money help, J. Lo (or J. Aff?) still eats well and exercises regularly.

Jennifer's key to staying active in her 50s is limiting processed meals.

In 2019, Jennifer's life coach and personal trainer Dodd Romero published her diet. Her diet is "protein, veggies, lipids, carbs, and water."

Jennifer Romero drinks seven glasses of water a day, according to her trainer.

"She obtains her nourishment from entire sources," Romero tells Us of J. Lo.

Lopez obtains her protein from egg whites, chicken, turkey, and grass-fed beef three to four times a week. She eats nuts and fish for protein and healthy fats the remainder of the week. 

Lopez consumes nutritious grains and fruits and vegetables instead of processed carbohydrates.

It's hardly surprising that a cleaner diet helps this celebrity stay healthy, given processed foods are connected to heart disease, early mortality, and type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, superstars like J. Lo have greater access to healthful meals than ordinary people, and processed foods are more readily available.

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