Easy Steps To Make Eye Liner From Eye Shadow

Sanitize hands by washing. Choose an eyeshadow. Powdered is required. Before making eyeliner, check product expiration dates.

Step 1:

Powder eye shadows with shimmer or glitter particles form shimmering or satiny eyeliner. Use matte powder eyeshadows for matte eyeliner.

Make this eyeliner with powder blush, highlight powder, or loose pigment. The eyeliner is my fave purple eyeshadow from the Lakme Tanjore Rush palette.

To make powder eye makeup liquid, add a few drops of water. Make eyeliner with refreshing eye drops instead of water. A mixing medium may transform powder eye shadow into eyeliner.

Step 2:

PRO makeup artists love it! Instead of buying liquid eyeliner in multiple hues, combine your shadow palettes with a few drops of mixing media to make a creamy, nicely drying liquid liner!

Mix powder with a pointed thin eyeliner brush to make a thin liquid liner. Avoid runniness by adding a few drops of water.

Step 3:

Add a little eye or face primer to this combination. This step is optional but suggested to prolong eyeliner. It prevents creases and buckling.

Step 4:

Combine again for 30 seconds to dissolve the primer and combine the eyeliner. Seal the container and store it. Long-lasting eyeliner.

Step 5:

This won't dry or degrade after many days of storage. With primer, this eyeliner lasted 4 hours on me. This eyeliner expires with the eyeshadow.

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