Easy Steps To Achieving A Natural Makeup Look

Skin preparation is essential for achieving natural makeup looks.

#1 Perfect the Base

This necessitates the use of a decent moisturizer and clean skin. It is critical to begin with a blank slate.

Next, apply Leigh's favorite moisture-locking cream. Instead of moisturizer, use a hydrating primer.

#2 Prep Skin

Allow your moisturizer to soak in for a minute or two before proceeding.

Leigh favors buildable foundations and skin tints for the coverage component of this look

#3 Build Skin Coverage

since they can be reapplied throughout the course of the day without drying or cakeing the skin.

Curling your lashes before applying mascara helps to brighten and lift your face.

#4 Curl Lashes

Mascara is required for this look to keep the eyes looking wide and vibrant. The volumizing fibers cover and extend each lash.

#5 Apply Mascara

Finally, apply some cheek color with your fingertips. Apply your preferred illuminizer and lip balm or gloss as finishing touches.

#6 Last touches

If you're going all out on the lip color, tone down the blush and vice versa to even out pigment distribution and keep things looking natural.

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