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Easiest Ways To Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Makeup may raise and enlarge our eyes and lips. This essay and video will focus on how it may slim our face and nose.

Three cosmetic products—dark and light contour, blush, and highlight—can shrink our face, chisel our jawline, and elevate our cheekbones.

After foundation, my face appears flat. That's why even a little contouring matters. I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian’s contouring!

To thin the face, we must retreat some regions and bring others forward. Retreated regions will practically disappear.

We'll utilize a shadow-like color. A darker, cool-toned contour product will retreat the sides of the face because shadows are always cool.

Contouring with cosmetics is similar to how painters have used bright and dark colors to create perspective in paintings for millennia.

If your forehead is less than three finger widths over your eyebrows, contouring is unnecessary.

To slim the sides of the face, contour from just below the top of the ear to the jawline. Create a hollow under the cheekbone using contour.

"Fish face" to contour below the cheekbone. Contour the "sucked-in" portion of the face. The contour should be drawn from the top of the ear to the lips, stopping at the outside corner of the eye.

Contouring the jawline's bottom border helps hide double chins and tighten the jawline. Use a buffing brush to integrate everything into the skin and eliminate rough lines.

Blend forehead across and up. Blend the contour upward and outward on the face. Blend jawline downward.

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