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Ear And Nose Piercing To Try In 2023

Constellation ear piercing

Constellation piercings are popular because you can mix hoops and studs to make your own stack. Trying lobe sets or flat ear sets.

Helix with lobe piercings

Helix piercings are extremely versatile—you may wear a hoop, stud, or ask your piercer to position the hole higher or lower depending on your mood or ear stack.

Industrial piercing with stacked lobe

Industrial piercings seem great and edgy to me. It looks super-intricate with a few small piercings, like tiny diamond studs.

Double-nostril nose-piercing

Pierce both nostrils, which Mayfield thinks will remain fashionable in 2023. To let your body recuperate, you'll need two sessions four to six weeks apart.

Layered lobe piercing

Since they're the least painful, this is your sign to have that second, third, or fourth lobe piercing you've been wanting.Ear lobe piercings are delicate tissue.

Double forward-helix piercing

Whether you have 2 or 20 piercings, a forward helix gives your ear a pop. It's like the shoes you wear every day that go with everything.

Double inner-conch piercing

Any jewelry works for a conch piercing in the center of your ear. If you want a more noticeable piece, swap to a traditional hoop when the piercing heals.

Septum piercing

If you're curious in this piercing but don't want to commit, consider a false septum ring set that you can clamp between your nostrils and adjust to your mood.

Double-nostril piercing

Try this stacked-nostril piercing if you have a favorite nostril piercing or a strong opinion about your "good side".

Triple flat-piercing

If you already have lobes but want additional stackage, attempt a triple flat piercing, which entails three holes piled in the cartilage's flat section.

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