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Drinking This Every Day Could Shorten Your Life

You know soda isn't healthy. Now, a recent study has found that not just soda can contribute to illness and potentially premature death.

Over 100,000 women, aged 53 on average, disclosed their food habits in 1995.

By 2015, 14,143 of the initial cohort of women had died.

Researchers found some interesting features among habitual sugary drinkers.

Sweetened bottled waters and teas, fruit drinks, and calorie soft drinks were studied (meaning regular soda, not diet).

Seven or more caloric soft drinks per week—an average of one a day—was related with increased all-cause and cancer-specific mortality.

1.5 cups of sugar-sweetened drinks per day was linked to all-cause death.

Conclusion? When compared to national death rates, the researchers conclude that their data "support public health initiatives to limit caloric soft drink use."

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