Drinking Habits That Speed Up Belly Fat Loss in Your 50s

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There's a common misconception about losing belly fat. While some people  might imagine  that you can target belly fat with a specific ab workout, losing belly fat  is completed  through making dietary changes and increasing your exercise  generally .

Green tea is packed full of health benefits, including some important antioxidants  which will  help aid in weight loss and management.

Drink green tea.

One of the most powerful drinks for weight loss is green tea. The catechins found in  tea  are antioxidants that have been shown to potentially increase fat burning and elevate metabolism.

It might be obvious that beverages like sodas are full of sugar, but guess what, so are many of  the flamboyant  coffee beverages that people consume regularly,

Skip the fancy coffee drinks.

Fancy coffee drinks often have  plenty of  calories from sugar, sometimes topping 300-plus calories. So, before you drink your next glorified coffee,  ensure  it's not derailing your belly fat loss goals.

Alcohol  carefully  may not be an issue, and things like  wine  can even provide some health benefits if consumed in lighter amounts. But heavy consumption of alcohol, especially before bed, may derail your weight loss goals.

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption, in general, will  nearly always  have a negative impact on your stomach radius, especially in our 50's. However, drinking alcohol before bed  may be a  bad habit for many reasons.

Staying hydrated  is vital  in losing or managing your weight. But sometimes, plain water gets  a touch  boring. If  you're  someone who doesn't enjoy drinking plain water, but  need a  little flavor,  soda water  can be a great alternative

Try sparkling water.

Sparkling water has been shown to increase feelings of fullness to a greater extent than plain water by keeping food in your stomach for longer periods of time.

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