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Dorito's New Canadian Chip Flavor Is So Delicious

Doritos, another Frito-Lay trademark, hopes to accomplish the same with Ketchup and Mustard chips.

The two new corn chip tastes replicate famous sauces and cost $5.59 for a 9.25-ounce bag on

Doritos stated on Instagram Thursday that hotdogs with Doritos should become more common now that the chips are available on

Some said the ketchup flavour "looks darn great," while another said "there's still time to erase this."

Frito-annual Lay's U.S. Trend Index indicated that more customers want "exotic" chip varieties every year.

Major chip makers are cautious to invest in "strange" tastes that may not appeal to Americans.

Global flavours are usually limited-time promotions, like Doritos' Tangy Tamarind this summer.

Frito-Lay is the first big company to deliver the tangy fruit taste to Americans.

Limited-edition runs allow brands to test new ideas and tastes. Some viral videos attract cult followings.

Plain, sour cream and onion, and barbeque are the most popular chip flavours in the U.S.

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