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DoorDash Just Cut Ties With Walmart

After four years of delivering groceries to Walmart customers, DoorDash has dissolved its collaboration.

The delivery service is leaving Walmart because the collaboration is "no longer mutually beneficial" and to "concentrate on long-term client connections." Changes begin in September.

The retailer recently announced it will acquire Delivery Drivers Inc. (DDI), which staffs Walmart's Spark delivery platform.

According to Walmart, the purchase would "simplify the driver experience with a single point of contact."

Spark has become Walmart's "biggest delivery service" since its 2018 launch, handling 75% of all deliveries.

Almost 85% of U.S. households can purchase goods from this firm because to its reach.

Walmart and DoorDash first partnered up in 2018 to deliver groceries to Walmart customers in Atlanta, but soon moved to other states.

Walmart's purchase of DDI isn't its only delivery-related action.

The retail giant will extend GoLocal, its Spark-powered white-label delivery service, in May. DoorDash's white-label delivery business, DoorDash Drive, is booming.

"We'd like to thank Walmart for their cooperation and look forward to continuing to assist retailers," a DoorDash spokeswoman stated.

While DoorDash is leaving Walmart, it still has a large big-box retailer. In March, BJ's collaborated with DoorDash to offer the on-demand delivery service.

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