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Don't Say These 7 Things When Your Girlfriend Cuts Her Hair

You Really Shined When Your Hair Was Long!

Despite your intention to tell her she looks better with long hair, a comment like that may make her reconsider.

Omg! It will take a whole year to regrow!

She's aware! She may leave you if you tell her it would take a long time for her hair to come back.

To Conserve Shampoo, Did You Want To?

You may find yourself in the middle of a heated debate if you make such a caustic remark. Also, you will be denied hugs and kisses for a few weeks!

Nice! Trying New Things Is a Good Idea!

No! Calling her decision "an experiment" might anger her! Wouldn't you feel bad if she labeled the dinner you cooked for her "an experiment"?

That was such a bold move!

Don't make a simple choice like getting a haircut seem like a major concession! You are insinuating that she does not look her best with that new hair cut, aren't you? 

How much did the haircut cost you?

Some haircuts really do cost an arm and a leg. She decided to purchase something because she enjoyed it and because she believed it was a reasonable investment. 

Oh, You Prefer a Short Do?

It is obvious that she like having short hair, which is why she decided to have a haircut.

If you ask such a question directly, it gives the impression that you don't care for women with short hair. Maybe you don't need to voice your thoughts.

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