Dominos Closing All Locations in This Country

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The world's largest pizza business just learnt this lesson when strong competition in the country that developed pizza pushed it to quit.

After 7 years in Italy, Domino's is shutting all 29 stores.

Domino's first entered the pizza capital of the world in 2015 with ePizza SpA, which filed for bankruptcy in 2022 because to pandemic-related limitations.

"The Covid-19 epidemic and related financial limitations have gravely hurt ePizza," it said.

Domino's wanted to conquer the Italian market by offering deliveries, which were rare there.

It featured American pizza toppings like pineapple, which stood out from the typical pizza on the market.

But when the pandemic arrived, other pizza shops started delivering, making competition harsher.

"We attribute the issue to significantly increased competition in the food delivery market with both organised chains and mom & pop restaurants delivering food, to

service and restaurants reopening post pandemic, and to consumers out and about with revenge spending," ePizza says about its fourth quarter 2021 results.

Domino's couldn't compete with 63,000 Italian pizza shops. While Italians are celebrating Domino's downfall on social media, Americans can rest assured

that their favourite pizza restaurant isn't going anywhere soon. Our cheesy crusts and pineapple pizzas are favourites.

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