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Doja Cat's New Back Tattoo Is Starting a Controversy

Doja Cat's antelope skull wrist tattoo on May 6 sparked an Internet frenzy. On April 15, she revealed a fresh leg tattoo of Fortunio Liceti's De Monstris image,

fueling rumors that her tattoo was demonic. The "Kiss Me More" artist now has a bat's skeleton on her back, so those ludicrous assumptions won't stop. 

Doja captioned her tattoo photos on Instagram with the bat emoji on May 4. New York tattoo artist Mr. K produced the fine-line work.

The skeleton covers her upper back. Mr. K circled the bat's skull with dots. He drew a thin line from the circle to her neck. 

The rapper explained these bones beside her tattoo. The final photo showed a snapshot of bats' cultural value.

"Bats often represent death in the sense of letting go of the old and bringing the new," she said, highlighting the last line. Rare emblems of change, initiation, and new beginnings.”

This body art can only be described as "dope," "fire," or anything nice, yet some disagree.

“Transition of New beginnings with Lucifer I guess,” said one. “Her soul is gone forever,” read another. 

It continues. “Lmao she’s literally telling us she’s initiated,” another person said.

Doja Cat only responded to one comment, “Bruh just say that u in the iluminati or some we all now.” She joked, "know*."

Doja Cat won't defeat these Illuminati charges anytime soon. Well, we can see her fantastic new body art. 

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