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DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Transform Your Apartment

Paper Flower Wreaths

The best of childhood craft time and adult wall space. It'll be the perfect accent to that plain wall you've always hated. Just match the flowers to your room's decor.

Circular Woven Wall Hangings

Let's be honest—these circular wall hangings don't look DIY-friendly. Joining the Year of Circles gives you access to classes and tutorials to decorate every wall in your home.

Boho Wall Hanging

You can make this for much less than $200 by following these simple instructions. This beauty will shock your friends. They may ask you to make one too.

Shower Curtain Wall Art

This is one of the most affordable DIY instructions.

Wood Slat Wall

Wooden slats add depth. It'll add character to a simple room.

Living Gallery Wall

This one may require more long-term effort, but if you adore the vibrancy and mood-boosting effects of fresh plants, it's worth it.

Flower Wall

This artificial floral wall adds color. It's customisable and looks great behind your bed (headboards are overrated).

Marble Wall Art

Shaving cream and acrylic paint form gorgina marbled art. Others will ask "is that a Picasso?" "No, it's Gillette," you'll say.

Painted Wall Arch

The painted wall arch is a trendy technique to decorate. Match your desk items to your arch color to feel refreshed and more productive. Swear!

Picture Ledge Gallery Wall

This gorgeous picture ledge requires only wood and a drill. Choosing photos for the ledges will take longer than creating it.

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