DIY Methods To Stop Lip Bleeding

Lips over teeth. Bite and blot your lips. Apply enough pressure to make movement uncomfortable without hurting.

Step #1

"Blot" for a minute. Lip creases should improve immediately. For best results, workout twice daily.

Tap your lips and imagine crushing a pencil. Slowly remove your finger from your lips and imagine your pencil developing. Press your lips without pursing.

Step #2

Perform this exercise without lip wrinkles. Tap the center of your lips rapidly while counting to 30 when your lip muscles burn.

Face wash. Apply glycolic acid after drying. This acid will help remove wrinkles and replace them with smoother skin cells.

Step #3

Glycolic acid can burn and irritate fragile skin, so only apply it up to the lip line.

Use lotion. To diminish wrinkles above your upper lips, massage it in. Choose a sunscreen with at least 15. This will avoid new and worsening lines.

Step #4

To stop lip bleeding, you can rub ice cubes, bite on a gauze or soaked tea bag, apply petroleum jelly or vitamin K ointment, or use a salt water rinse as a mouthwash.

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