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DIY Haircuts You Can Give Yourself At Home

The Lob

The lob is attractive on a wide range of faces and lengths, so it's been popular for a while. There is a lob for everyone, even those with curly hair.

Expect imperfection when dividing the hair into two sections. It's a more conservative cut that will keep you from "Tank Girling" yourself.

The Curtain

It becomes a curtain depending on how you cut and style it. It can be seductive, shaggy, and interesting, as seen on Alexa Chung,

or girlishly innocent, as seen on Jennifer Garner in 2019. It's fantastic because framing bangs may completely transform your appearance without requiring a haircut.

The Pixie

The pixie is famous for being theatrical and gamine. Michelle Williams, Lupita Nyong'o, Halle Berry, Audrey Hepburn, and Jean Seberg have all worn the look.

This cut draws attention to your face. The pixie, unlike the peek-a-boo curtain break, declares openly that you have nothing to hide.

The Deep Parallel Point Cut

From the back of your head to the front, cut up to your temple, above your ear.

Cut up your skull as it curves. If you want a 3/8-inch guard, check the back with a mirror. Remember, you can always go shorter if you start with longer guards.

The Heart-Shaped Afro

Tie the bottom so you can't get your hands on it. Directly over and in front of you, comb and pull one- to two-inch portions of hair.

Pull your hair up and down to form a 90-degree angle with your face. To break up the length, flip your hair over and cut zigzags at the ends.

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