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DIY Charcoal Face Mask For Every Type of Skin

you need

1 tablespoon Aztec bentonite clay powder
1 tablespoon organic activated charcoal

2 teaspoons water
Add-ins according to skin type
Mihakka tool for mask removal

Acneic Skin Add-In

DIY additions for acne-prone skin are a tablespoon of healthy Greek yogurt or two drops of tea tree oil.

Oily Skin Add-In

Adding a few drops of witch hazel that doesn't have alcohol will help oily skin feel more balanced. Add two drops of essential lavender or rose oil to calm down.

Dry Skin Add-In

Add a nickel-sized amount of Vaseline or a couple of drops of grape seed oil if your skin is dry.

Combination Skin Add-In

Combination skin benefits from two drops of pure azulene oil. Chamomile tea drops decrease redness and give a natural shine.

Balanced Skin Add-In

Pure lavender essential oil, rose water, and aloe for balanced skin. Formulate using two drops of each oil. For optimal results, mix and apply these masks once.

5–20 minutes. Clay masks extract toxins without drying. For optimal results, spray your face with water while masking to activate the clay particles.

Bubble Charcoal Mask Formula

Add food-grade baking soda and citric acid in a 2:1 ratio to make a fizzy charcoal or bubble mask.

This recipe makes bubbles on its own. Masks you buy won't make the same kind of bubbles because they use carbonic acid.

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