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DIY At Home Bang Cutting Tips

Start with all supplies

You need a good comb and scissors, but if you want to treat yourself, wash and blow-dry your hair using your favorite products to soften and clean.

Prepare a cutting area where the hair won't dirty up your bathroom or floor (maybe with a towel).

Tutorials abound

Tutorials are another wonderful approach to learn how to trim your bangs to suit your hair type. Every hair type and style has detailed online lessons.

To get the right appearance, view your film several times before cutting and even while cutting.

Don't wet hair first

Cutting bangs dry is vital. Wet hair stretches. When you cut wet hair, it will dry shorter.

Straighten bangs

Start the cut by combing your bangs straight out across your face and away from your hair.

Identifying bangs from hair is crucial. To find your bangs, comb down from your head's spherical top.

Triangulate them

After finding your bangs, divide them into a triangle to keep all the hair separate. This ensures you just clip bangs.

Finger-measure the length

Find the length in the mirror using your finger. Test a few to ensure the length is correct.

Invert it

Carefully lift the triangle of bangs with two fingers. The ends you wish to clip are now above your face.

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