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Divisive Nail Shape Is Not For Everyone

Black and white French tips

French tips would always win the nail trend awards for versatility. A black-and-white color scheme gives a trendy,

quirky style a timeless look. A full-patterned accent nail on each hand adds flair.

Fuzzy bubble gum pink duck feet

Ready to go duck nail crazy for spring? Cheerful bubble-gum suggestions are great, but there's more.

Velour dots provide texture. If you still want more, get an adorable animal or cartoon character on one nail.

Stars and tiger stripes

Pink manicures aren't necessary. Dramatic deep "V" French tips on a neutral base make black and numerous yellow tones shine.

This summery palette has flames, stars, and tiger stripes.

Spring pastels and neutrals

Pastel flowers and tiny pearls welcome spring. Duck nails allow for more nail art and color.

Add some nude nails with neutral brown, black, gray, or white tips for balance.

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