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Dip Powder Manicure At Home

things you need

Nail polish remover
Cuticle pusher
Nail buffer
Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol

Nail bonder or nail base coat
A dip powder manicure kit that contains
Resin glue
Colored powder

step 1: Nail prep

Push your cuticles back and remove any nail paint with a cuticle pusher. Using a scraper, remove the cuticles. Buff and file your nails.

step 2: Clean Nails

This is essential for nail care. Use a nail sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, or antiseptic spray to clean your nails. This keeps bacteria and dirt out of the nail paint.

step 3: Nail polish

Bonder should be applied to your nails. Turn it on for a few seconds.

step 4: Use Resin

Apply clear resin glue on nails slowly. From the cuticle to the nail edge, work your way up. One coat is sufficient.

step 5: Use Clear Powder

Using your finger, roll it in the powder. To remove powder, tap your finger. Allow it to dry for a minute before brushing off any excess powder. There is no colored powder yet.

step 6: Add Resin and Colored Powder

After another coat of resin, dust the nail with colored powder. After a few minutes, brush away any excess powder. Rep to get a fuller manicure.

step 7: Apply Activator

Apply the activator like you would a clear nail lacquer layer.

step 8: Top Coat

After using the activator, apply a new acrylic top coat. Allow to completely dry. Wash your hands when the top coat has dried.

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