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Dip-Dye Hair Is Making A Huge Comeback

Ruby red

This ruby-red dip-dye technique is bright. Dip-dying long hair lets you choose how much to color. Color the tips for a subtler effect. To highlight the dip-dye color, dye halfway up your hair.

Rosy pink

Pretty pink dip-dye. Pink looks feminine with soft clothing. You might contrast it with a manly attire. Dip dye works well on shorter hair like this.

Pink and purple

This barely-there dip dye looks great on short hair since the colors frame your face. Its pink and purple ends make it even more unique.

Pops of teal

This style's vivid teal is fun. If you want a bold look, don't colour all your hair. For a more modest look, dip dye few key front sections and leave most of the hair natural.

Bright colors and black dip dye

Dip-dye is reversed. It is a vivid haircut with black dip-dyed tips instead of multicolored dipped ends. Black dip-dye adds style and grunge to this hairdo.

Asymmetrical dip dye

There are more ways to incorporate dip-dye into a look besides coloring the ends. Asymmetrical coloring enhances a unique hairstyle.

Ocean blue

We adore this look's blue. The blue bangs and halfway-up color give charm. Vibrant colors are wonderful, but they require a lot of maintenance.

Mermaid colors

This dip-dye palette resembles mermaid or unicorn colors. It's charming and vibrant. To match three or more colors, envision them together.

Black tips

A dramatic dip-dye appearance doesn't require color. The dip dye carefully highlights the two natural hues, blond and black, in this style.

Two-color bangs

The color stands out since they're front and center. Dye the end part of longer bangs for a split bang effect. Dye the underside of your bangs for a peekaboo appearance like this photo.

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