Dietitian-Approved Healthy Midnight Snacks

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Air-popped popcorn

Late-night popcorn is delicious. It contains fibre and tryptophan, an amino acid that helps boost serotonin, which can help you sleep.

Roasted bean crisps

In addition to being salty and delicious, roasted bean crisps are “a good source of both fiber and protein, which help us feel satiated.

Greek yogurt, berries, and granola

Greek yogurt is packed with health-promoting nutrients such as protein, calcium, and probiotics.

Tuna and cucumber slices

Canned tuna in olive oil with cucumber slices is a light and satisfying snack loaded with good nutrition.

Seaweed snacks

Jellyfish, sea urchins, and seals eat seaweed, too. It's a nice, healthful treat for you and me, especially if you want something light.

Apple with cinnamon

Apple and cinnamon pair well. Cinnamon on an apple slice can offer you sweet delight without sugar.


Whether you buy ’em shell-free or love the satisfying process of cracking ’em open, pistachios can become an addictive crunchy snack, stat. Good thing dietitians are nuts about them!

Frozen cherries

Slightly thawed frozen cherries are an absolutely delicious and satisfying late-night snack.

Dark chocolate-covered almonds

Dark chocolate-covered almonds are a great late-night snack that provides more nutrients and energy than chocolate alone.

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