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Dewdrop Nails To Upgrade Your Manicure

Milk bath droplets

Milk bath nails complement the dewdrop trend's clear water effect. Minimalist manicurists might make their droplets milky with a creamy base color.

Add a flirty twist

Red-polish aficionados, pair the colour with the water droplet look and preserve your typical length. Stiletto nails lend flirtiness to passionate crimson.

Short and sweet

If long nails aren't your style, try short and sweet. The water drop look works equally well with short nails, which are the new low-maintenance trend.

Barely there

Dewdrop nails are possible for minimalists who favor simple nail looks. Add water droplets to your nail foundation for a barely there appearance.

Obviosly on theme

Dewdrop nails like water drops. Aquamarine is the excellent base hue for a full-on aquatic theme. Pearlescent finish and uneven droplets are perfect.

French tips under water

French tips go with any manicure trend. Frenchies always fit any style. Dewdrops on your tips boost the trend. Neutral base and white tips are minimalist.

Space metallics

This nail concept is fashion-forward and retro-futuristic, so go for long square nails to fully show off your extraterrestrial look.

Jelly dewdrops

The jelly technique's see-through effect will make your nails look like water, and adding drops will elevate the manicure.

marble nails

Combining nail trends is the greatest way to try them all and maximize each look. Choose marble for a unique color scheme.

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