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Cub Cut Is the Edgy Take on the Bob Trend

Awoo. Is that what you heard? The wolf cut is losing popularity and this is the sound it makes as it fades from fashion. The cub cut, the younger sibling of the wolf cut,

has arrived and is quickly becoming the style du jour. According to celebrity hairstylist Chad Wood, "the cub cut is an alternative punk hairstyle that is sexy, fun, and playful.

The hairdo can be styled in a variety of ways. You can have it in long or short hair, with or without parts,

and with or without texturizing. This cut is perfect for folks who are "in between" hair lengths and would like to make a dramatic shift.

Wednesday has spawned so many cosmetic movements, from subtle gothic makeup to sleek side bangs, that we've lost count. "The cub cut became popular

after Jenna Ortega sported it at the 2023 Golden Globes." Wood claims. "Jenna played Wednesday Addams, the cool girl with a 'I don't care attitude

in the Addams Family spinoff series on Netflix. Wolfish, seductive, texturized, and unruly best describe the cub cut.

Hairstylist and businessman Harry Josh believes that karma is real and that what you give out will eventually come back to you. Everything that has occurred in the past

is being interpreted in a different light. First, let's not avoid the obvious: this is the modern shag. This is a reimagining of the shag that was popular in the 1970s

and again in the 1990s, when it was transformed into the wave shag. We're in the process of changing it to a bob shag now.

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