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Cry-Proof Makeup

1. Cleanse

First, remove all makeup from yesterday. Your face may be oily when you wake up. If you have oily skin, you'll notice this. This oil is produced at night.

Oil will leave makeup behind. During sleep, oil excretion removes any makeup residue. Use damp cotton to clean your face instead of washing it.

2. Prime

Studio Finish primers are recommended. Makeup lasts longer with primers. Primers hide and brighten the skin and help cosmetics stay on longer.

3. Concealer

Apply concealer with a damp sponge. Concealers hide skin flaws. Use concealers for under-eye, blemishes, and acne. Ask for aid. Consult the salesperson.

4. Foundation

Apply foundation with a sponge. Foundations provide a flawless base for cosmetics. They conceal flaws and level out the skin. Pore size is reduced.

5. Pat on some compact

Powder controls grease and mattes skin. In fact, dabbing oil with a light hand and applying compact is the greatest method to look fresh. SPF compacts offer sun protection.

6. Liner

Lip liner should be silky. Lip liners define the lips and prevent lipstick bleeding. Use your finger to apply lipstick to your lips. For longer stays, place a tissue between your lips.

7. Gloss

If you want, use gloss. Stickiness helps gloss keep lipstick on longer.

8. Preparation

For cry-proof eye makeup, prep the skin around the eyes in the same order as your face: primer, concealer, foundation.

9. Eye Shadow

Creamier products last longer. Waterproof eyeliner completes the appearance. Long-lasting kajal is best. To open your lovely eyes, apply waterproof mascara.

10. Finishing Spray

Finish with a spray. It's the best cosmetics holder.

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