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Courteney Cox Making the Greatest Steak of All Time

Courteney Cox of Friends revealed recently that her steak recipe isn't the finest. She creates the "best steak ever" on Instagram.

The recipe isn't hers, but a renowned friend's. She felt her dish was terrific, but Brandi Carlisle's is superior. Brandi Carlile reportedly produces the world's greatest steak.

Cox's Instagram recipe calls for room-temperature steaks. The recipe calls for truffle oil, but olive oil may be used instead. (I wouldn't squander truffle oil on a cooked steak.)

The fun begins. Courteney Cox adds coarse salt, pepper, coffee, and brown sugar to her steak.

She placed them on individually since many steak rubs include both. This probably lends a great crust to meat.

Cox serves steak with cauliflower puree and grilled asparagus. Her asparagus utilises Lawry's Garlic Salt. "You may cut garlic, season it, or do this," she adds.

Lawry's original seasoned salt, a 1938 combination of salt and spices, was used solely by Beverly Hills' Lawry's The Prime Rib.

It was so popular that visitors stole the salt to use at home until McCormick started selling it.

Next, she puts the steaks on the largest grill I've ever seen, although you can use a grill pan or cast iron skillet.

She sears them for three minutes on each sides, then re-dips them in coffee-brown sugar oil. She admits, "I'm no cook."

"I create tasty stuff" The post has over 217,000 likes and favourable comments, including one from Carlile.

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