Costco Is Selling This Mega-Popular Fall Treat


Costco is already prepping for cooler weather, despite the summer's heat. The warehouse club is already preparing for Halloween, according to a social media post.

Costco's Halloween-themed hot chocolate bombs are now available, per @costcobuys on Instagram.

The white chocolate sweets, made to look like bloodshot eyeballs, are stuffed with marshmallows that reveal themselves when the chocolate spheres melt in boiling milk or water.

@costcobuys says 16 hot cocoa bombs are $19.99, but prices may vary.

Despite the announcement arriving around midsummer, many people were excited. Instagram user: "I NEED them... I hope they come to my warehouse...""

Others weren't as excited about an early Halloween offering from Costco. User: "It's July?!?" and "Stop!!!!" Enjoying summer Not yet Halloween! "less Also: "Why is Halloween stuff out now?! WTF?"

White chocolate hot cocoa bombs aren't the only popular sweet dessert.

@costcobuys discovered $9.99 Raspberry Crumble Cookies in April. The 12-pack of cookies is now $11.99, according to Instagram.

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