Costco Is Bringing Back Beloved Bakery Item

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In October 2020, enthusiasts learned that the treat was being discontinued. But @costcobuys says the favourite is back in the bakery section.

It comes in a circular tin with 12 pieces and only needs 15 minutes at 325 F. It's $9.99.

Fans believe Costco's Cinnamon-Pull-Apart is "heaven," "wonderful," and "excellent" Some say they freeze well. Some say their hoard didn't last long.

As warm and lovely as they may be, most Costco bakery items should be taken with a grain of sugar. We agree that it's a "calorie bomb," especially with sugary frosting on top.

Cinnamon is a healthy complement to breakfast and any other meal or snack.

But when it's coupled with flour, cream cheese, brown sugar, shortening, and artificial colours and flavours

such in Costco Cinnamon-Pull-Apart, your blood sugar can be off and you'll be hungrier sooner, among other adverse effects.

If you still want to leap in, Costco makes it easy. 12 pieces are ready to distribute. If you still want cinnamon, try these Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats.

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