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Color You Should Be Wearing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Red

Red is "fame and credibility, which makes it most suited for this fire sign to wear."

Taurus: Green

Pine green "will calm their minds and souls but also help them grow and develop." Taurus, an earth sign, will feel more at home in nature with this colour.

Gemini: Yellow

This hue would brighten their rainbow-colored personality. Yellow helps them spread positivity.

Cancer: Sky Blue

This gentle sign is the zodiac's quintessential homebody, so "their calming presence would always be amplified if they're in the color blue."

Leo: Orange

They can brighten any room and energize people with their Sun energy. Orange evokes life's brightness and joy. It empowers them to face the world.

Virgo: Gray

If they're "bombarded by stimuli," gray can "bring balance" to their life. Since Virgos are type-A, gray is a neutral hue that goes with everything.

Libra: Light Pink

Libras choose pink because it "symbolizes love, joy, purity, happiness, romance, and brings calming and peace to relationships." A passionate color suits Libras, who fall in love quickly.

Scorpio: Black

Maroon, a blend of red and black, is a good hue for Scorpios to wear. Wearing these colors together adds life to black's profound consciousness and red's activity.

Sagittarius: Purple

Zodiac explorers travel, try new hobbies, and meet new people. Purple helps individuals discover "certain revelations about themselves and the world."

Capricorn: Navy Blue

"No-nonsense" and will make them "more confident in their ability to get the job done." A neutral hue like dark blue would simplify outfits for this utilitarian sign.

Aquarius: Aqua

This hue calms and relaxes people in any scenario. This is beneficial since zodiac rebels typically face unusual conditions.

Pisces: Lavender

They require a lot of rest to refuel after giving so much to others and their aspirations. Lavender relaxes them and inspires their imagination as they dream of their next journey.

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