Coca-Cola's Newly Launched Soda Remains A Mystery

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Coca-Cola has been experimenting with new tastes, but instead of strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate, it's going philosophical. And its newest raises some issues.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld is the company's latest Creations limited-edition release, and fans are guessing about its taste.

Most reviewers say the drink is fruity or "tropical." "@CocaCola's Dreamworld. I taste something tropical but can't place it. However, "tweeted.

Coca-Cola says the new drink features "playfully bright taste nuances" According to a press release, it's a Gen-Z-specific drink.

Coca-Creative Cola's & Shopper Program Director Alessandra Cascino remarked, "Dreamworld plays with the unexpected and

will no doubt generate discovery and discussion among customers... which we embrace."

Dreamworld is Creation's fourth and last game. Starlight, the company's outer space-themed flavour, launched Creations in February.

Following Starlight came Coca-Cola Byte and a partnership with singer Marshmello in July.

Coca-Dreamworld Cola's release includes access to the Creations Hub, which fans may scan on their phones.

The bundle includes an augmented reality Tomorrowland music experience and a digital Dreamworld apparel collection.

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