Coca-Cola's New Summer Soda Flavour

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One of America's best-known companies has changed this year. It's difficult to track new and discontinued drinks.

In 130 years of making malted beverages, the company only added "pop" to popstar.

Coca-Cola and Marshmello are introducing a strawberry-watermelon drink. The celebrity's summer flavour is limited-edition.

This is Coke's first celebrity collaboration, yet the advertisements are successful.

Marshmello released a limited-edition drop with Coca-Cola. "My favourite flavours are here. I hope it tastes great."

Coca-Cola Creations inserted AI into Marshmello's latest song.

The celebrity collaboration is one of the company's exits. Coca-Cola sells Jack Daniel's & Coca-Cola RTD nationwide.

"Fresca Mixed" will join Topo Chico and Simply Spiked this year.

Coke tried a space-themed soft drink called Starlight in February.

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