Coca-Cola Launching New Fanta Flavors


Coca-Cola has been busy with new releases, celebrity collaborations, and a new coffee machine, but it hasn't forgotten about its other soda brands.

It's now making new Fanta varieties, although it's not apparent what they taste like.

Coca-new Cola's Fanta flavours are called "What the Fanta?! (WTF)"

The new Fanta flavours will be brilliant blue, green, peach, and orange, but their tastes and colours "trick the senses." Fans are asked to guess the complex tastes.

The blue zero-sugar Fanta flavour will launch in 2023. After the blue release, other mystery flavours will hit grocery stores and Coca-Cola Freestyle fountains.

The startup claims to introduce new drink tastes in intriguing ways.

With 'What the Fanta,' we've offered our customers new strong tastes to explore and a countrywide guessing game to play.

Coca-Cola has been active recently.

The company has introduced a new Jack Daniel's pre-mixed ready-to-drink with EDM musician Marshmello and plans to build "Costa Smart Cafes" nationwide.

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