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Classy Bronze-Gold Smokey Cat Eye Makeup

What You Need

Nude eyeshadow
Black eyeliner pencil (a creamy, waterproof one is preferable)
A soft brown/matte bronze eyeshadow

Fluffy brush
Smudge brush
Gold eyeshadow
Black mascara

Step 1

To begin, apply a base of a beige-colored eyeshadow, and then use a brush with a lot of fluff to carefully blend it out.

Step 2

Use a dark eye pencil to trace the outline of your upper lash line as well as your lower waterline.

Step 3

In order to achieve a seductive look, use a soft smudging brush and apply a soft brown eyeshadow all over the lid of your eye.

Step 4

You can obtain that smokey effect by creating a wing with your black liner and then buffing it out. This will get rid of any hard lines.

This stage can be perfected with the help of eyeliner templates, which are available online.

Step 5

To add a little more drama to your look, curl your lashes and coat them with mascara.

Step 6

To make your eyes appear brighter and more alert, apply some gold makeup to the inner corners of your eyelids.

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