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Classic Hairstyles for Men over 50

White Hair

Styling short white hair can make men over 50 look younger! Use your fingers to side-brush your white hair with short layers.

Real Hair

Don’t let your age make you cut your hair! Ask a stylist to twist masses of medium-length natural hair if you're over 50. It's flattering if they're all about the same size

Long Top

A short-sides, long-top haircut is great for any age! This style lets thick-haired guys over 50 preserve their length and show off their texture.

Round Afro-Cut

A rounded afro is another attractive natural haircut for guys over 50. Show off your salt-and-pepper hair. This style flatters oval faces.

Wild and Curly

Wear for senior men with thick hair. slightly untidy or windblown. Mousse makes wavy or curly hair look purposefully scruffy, not messy. 

Man Bun

A man bun rejuvenates elderly guys over 50, beard or no beard. Use your fingers to comb hair back from the face and put in a low bun

Undercut Fade

An edgy hairdo can also make your over-50 self feel younger! Leave the top middle long, approximately shoulder-length, to twist.

Bald-Fade Mohawk

Punk bald fade mohawks are bold for males over 50! Use hair gel to spike up the middle and a bold temporary or permanent hair color to add style.

Heavy Hair

Those over 50 with thick hair should rock it! Use a heavy hard or soft portion to separate one thick and one short side.

Mid-Length Hair

Parting medium-length hair in the center is a simple professional hairstyle for men over 50. It's low-maintenance and easy to style.

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