Chicken Wing Chains Using the Lowest Quality Ingredients

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8. Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings' lighter tastes tend to be dry and bland, meaning you're tasting more sauce than great chicken.

7. TGI Fridays

This nationwide chain's wings, ribs, apps, and more aren't top-quality. According to Insider samples, the wings aren't bad.

Their reviewer criticised the wings: "These wings were worse than I expected. They were rough and dry, and tasted like they'd been frozen and microwaved for centuries.

6. KFC

KFC relaunched chicken wings in 2019, but they may have been better off. First, their "wings" are boneless, so you know they're chicken tenders.

5. Chili's

Another reviewer thought they were "gross" and "not meaty at all."

4. Wing Zone

WingZone's secret ingredient is fat. Plenty. One wing contains 25% of a 2,000-calorie diet's daily fat consumption.

One 151-calorie WingZone Original Wing with Cool Ranch has 15.2 grammes of fat and 3.2 grammes of saturated fat.

3. WingStreet

WingStreet is Pizza Hut with a new name and logo. It's the same firm, so it's not surprise that they serve mediocre wings.

2. Applebee's

Applebee's boneless "wings" (large nuggets) are unhealthy, and its bone-in wings are undersized. It's an overpriced, undervalued wing.

1. Zaxby's

Zaxby's provides several chicken selections other than wings, which are heavy on breading and thin on flesh.

Zaxby's Wings & Things doesn't have many wings. You'll receive fries, Texas toast, tenders, and breaded wings. Look elsewhere for real chicken.

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