Chick-fil-A Is Launching Two Major New Items

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Fall is here, and Chick-fil-A has two new menu items to celebrate.

If you're looking for something sweet or spicy, the chicken brand has a new milkshake flavour and a popular sandwich back.

The Autumn Spice Milkshake and Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich are available September 12 through November 12 at selected Chick-fil-A stores nationwide.

Autumn Spice Milkshake is Chick-fil-first A's new milkshake flavour in four years. It combines cinnamon and brown sugar cookie chunks.

Hand-spun Chick-fil-A Icedream is topped with whipped cream and a cherry. For delivery orders, whipped cream and cherries are not available.

"Our guests enjoy our milkshakes, especially our seasonal flavours, so we're pleased to provide the ultimate fall treat," said Chick-fil-director A's of menu and packaging.

"Last October, we tested the Autumn Spice Milkshake in Salt Lake City and received good response, which motivated us to promote it countrywide."

Those without a sweet appetite may prefer the Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich. Last year's seasonal addition has been brought back by Chick-fil-A.

Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich has grilled chicken marinated in spicy flavour served on a toasted Multigrain Brioche Bun with Colby-Jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

"My favourite seasonal sandwich, I advise combining it with our chilled and creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce to soften the heat. You'll love the taste combo."

Is your local Chick-fil-A providing these new menu items? Chick-fil-A invites interested customers to check the app, website, or contact their local chain.

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