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Chick-fil-A Cheeseburger Is Wreaking Internet Havoc

Rumors of new Chick-fil-A menu items can generate an internet frenzy. Especially when the additions appear out of character for the business.

The strange Chick-fil-A cheeseburger has been turning up on social media. TikTokers are assessing the scrumptious-looking innovation, giving it a thumbs up.

Buffalo Wild Wings just added pizza, but Chick-fil-A hasn't. The home of the first chicken sandwich sticks with chicken, just as it does on Sundays.

Chick-fil-A revealed intentions to develop a virtual delivery-only brand called Little Blue Menu in September 2021.

Flock & Farm, Outfox Wings, Garden Day, Because Burger, and Chick-fil-A manufacture food in a ghost kitchen.

Customers may mix and match meals from all five companies, which causes confusion. The restaurant's food packaging has Chick-fil-logo, A's making it appear that the burgers are branded.

Some assumed they were ordering burgers from Chick-fil-A via Little Blue Menu, but they don't. Because Burger joined Little Blue Kitchen's virtual roster on April 19.

Mix-and-match burgers help us fulfil numerous desires in one delivery order.

TikTokers really understood how to sell burgers, but don't order immediately. Little Blue Menu is now exclusively in Nashville and College Park, Tenn.

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