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Celebrity makeup Tricks To Make Your Peepers Really Pop

1. Prep

Eye creams, gels, and masks function similarly. Hyaluronic acid plumps lines, botanical extracts soothe, vitamin C or retinol brighten and firm, and caffeine reduces puffiness.

2. Prime above

Whether you use an eye primer or a cream shadow, makeup will glide on without creasing, patchiness, or fade-out.

3. Brighten below

Use a creamy, warm, peachy-based concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone to erase dark circles and liven up your eyes and face.

4. Define shape

Power up your eyes with the blackest gel pencil liner. Use tiny back-and-forth strokes between upper lashes at the eyelash roots.

5. Double or triple line

Line the inner rim with quick back-and-forth strokes. Black gel liner above and below the lashes makes eyes sparkle and defines sagging,

6. Shadow enhances eye color

If your eyes are warm or cold, choose neutral makeup palettes. Warm eyes (brown, hazel) shine in cool hues, whereas cool eyes (blue, gray, green) glow in warm colors.

7. Change hue

Mix, mix, and layer to develop color, create an unlimited shade range, and create a crisp, clean appearance or smokey eye in numerous ways.

8. Contour the crease

Blend a medium gray or brown hue from lashes to crease to contour your eye crease. Brush the same color in an arc above the crease. Mirrors should show the color.

9. Lock up

Curl your eyelashes to reduce sag. Front-load inky-black mascara at the lash roots. Start at the lash roots to avoid gaps between the mascara and the lined top inner rims.

10. Define brows

Eyebrows frame your face and draw attention. Fine-tipped taupe-to-brown pencils fill and lengthen brows. Age makes our faces lopsided. Don't match eyes and brows. 

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