BurgerFi Just Released a Juicy Lucy Burger

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BurgerFi is known for high-quality ingredients, restaurant innovation, and fast-casual accolades.

BurgerFi will sell a new Juicy Lucy Burger with two natural Angus beef patties, white cheddar, American, and Pepper Jack cheeses, sweet tomato relish, and its Fi sauce through September 19.

The new burger is a variant of South Minneapolis' 1950s "Jucy Lucy" BurgerFi's antibiotic-free Angus beef has earned it three A ratings.

BurgerFi modernises a classic. New burger menu items provide diversity and inventiveness.

The $9.99 Juicy Lucy can be purchased in-store, online, or through BurgerFi's app.

Summer isn't only about BurgerFi's limited-time burger.

 17 of the restaurant's 27 corporate-owned locations will acquire self-service kiosks.

New technology has given customers more time to peruse the menu, redirected cashiers to dining rooms, and increased ticket sizes by 18.5%.

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