Burger King's New Sandwich Is Debuting This Month

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The new Burger King burger may satisfy your craving for Italian food without breaking the bank.

We phoned Burger King to verify that the out-of-the-ordinary food was indeed being prepared in the BK kitchens and will soon be available at restaurants.

On November 14th, Burger King will roll out its Italian Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich to restaurants around the country.

The new sandwich will have the same ingredients as the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich: crispy chicken, marinara sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and a "savoury" bread.

The temporary price is $5.49.

This new treat has been on and off the menu since 2014, but fans have dubbed it the "grown-up" version of the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich.

Burger King no longer offers Ch'King chicken sandwiches, which were once hand-breaded. Despite their fame, revenues did not increase.

Burger King is now offering Royal Crispy Chicken sandwiches instead of its previous, more labor-intensive Whoppers.

Chicken got a makeover thanks to "Reclaim the Flame" advertising from Burger King. Its "destination-worthy Chicken Sandwich portfolio" was part of a $400 million facelift.

Documents have surfaced suggesting that on or around November 15 Wendy's would introduce two new sandwiches with

an Italian theme: a chicken sandwich and a burger. Before Thanksgiving, fans select a retailer.

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