Burger King's Menu Goes Big With New Burger

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Most fast food firms continue with a winning recipe once customers approve.

McDonald's (MCD) has long-standing classics including the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder.

Burger King's Whopper, first in 1957, is still its most popular product today.

Back in the 1950s, McDonald's burgers were little, therefore Burger King made a bigger burger to cater to individuals with bigger appetites. It succeeded.

McDonald's keeps their original burgers the same to cater to customers who enjoy comfort food, whereas Burger King makes as many Whopper varieties as possible.

Burger King doesn't rely just on one product, but instead develops new ones. Now it has a new burger series popular enough to warrant numerous editions in one year.

The King's best-selling burger is the Big Mouth, which is similar to the Whopper but has more meat. It's doing well enough for the restaurant to keep making new versions.

The latest Big Mouths include a BBQ and onion ring variant with golden-fried onion rings, Bullseye BBQ sauce, American cheese, and pickles, and a chicken version with a fried chicken patty.

Burger King Japan released these burgers on August 12 and will sell them through September 1.

 Both burgers cost 1230 yen ($9.06 U.S.) on their own or 1530 yen ($11.27) in a combination with fries and a drink, making them Burger King's priciest.

Burger King is popular in France, Spain, Germany, the UK, and Switzerland. Burger King is also popular in France, Germany, the UK, and Italy.

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